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Arise and be Listed

Rev. Tetteh-Annor Larbi | January 2, 2024 | Nehemiah 11:3-24



Israelites, priests, Levites, Nethinim, and descendants of Solomon’s servants) Also in Jerusalem dwelt some of the children of Judah and of the children of Benjamin. Nehemiah 11:3b-4 (NJKV)



It would seem that choosing one-tenth of Israel by lot to reside in the Holy City of Jerusalem would result in too many people to fit in the city. However, we have learned that these individuals had to willingly offer themselves and give up all their houses and land to move and occupy Jerusalem.

The process of selecting the inhabitants of Jerusalem was quite precise and inclusive of all sections of the population, representing a cross-section of Jerusalem's larger population. It included ordinary citizens, priests, Levites, Nethinim (who served as temple assistants), and even some descendants of Solomon's servants.

Certain individuals were assigned specific roles among the group of people who were chosen to help revitalize the Holy City. These individuals possessed certain skill sets that were crucial for the restoration of Jerusalem's commercial and spiritual essence.

Despite the multitude, every individual had a distinct role in achieving the shared goal of restoring Jerusalem. The extensive list, from the children of Judah to the sons of Benjamin, priests, Levites, and other Israelites, reflected the diverse contributions each group could make.

The organization of the inhabitants was strategic, aligning with their past roles and responsibilities. Even overseers were designated to lead specific groups, all working towards the common objective of restoring prosperity to Jerusalem. In this detailed orchestration, every person's contribution was valued, ensuring a united effort to build a flourishing future for the Holy City.


The year 2024 just began and we are continuing in the assignments and mandate that God gave the Denomination through its leadership. How can you lend your skill set and expertise to make sure this mandate is achieved? What part can you play to ensure the wheel does not stop at your doorstep but continues to grind along? Look for avenues to lend your support to this kingdom's agenda. Arise and be counted. Arise and be listed.


Dear Heavenly Father, as I make choices and align with your purpose for 2024, grant me the grace to identify where I can lend my support to the Ghana Baptist Convention, and teach me how to play my role effectively. Father, help me to be faithful and honest in all my obligations towards the denomination, so that your purposes may be achieved through me. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.




DAILY word study: DWELT The term "dwelt" in Nehemiah 11:3-4 is translated from the Hebrew word "יָשַׁב" (yashav). This word carries a range of meanings in the Hebrew language, emphasizing the idea of settling, dwelling or remaining.

In its basic sense, "יָשַׁב" denotes the act of residing or dwelling in a place. It is used throughout the Old Testament to describe both temporary and permanent habitation. For instance, Genesis 4:16 notes that Cain "dwelt in the land of Nod," highlighting a location where he resided. The permanence or nature of the dwelling often depends on the context.

In Nehemiah 11:3-4, where the returned exiles are said to "dwell in Jerusalem," the Hebrew term suggests a settled and lasting residency. It signifies a deliberate choice to make Jerusalem their home, indicating a commitment to the restoration efforts and the community. The concept of dwelling in Nehemiah challenges us to seek deeper connections and invest ourselves more fully in the communities to which we belong. Reflections

Reflecting on this, consider the places and communities where you choose to "dwell" in your life. How committed are you to being actively involved and contributing to the well-being and growth of those places? Does your dwelling signify a deep commitment, or is it more of a transient presence?

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