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But He was silent

Rev. Tetteh-Annor Larbi | September 26, 2023 | Matthew 27:11-14


But He answered him not one word, so the governor marvelled greatly. Matthew 27:14 (NKJV)


There comes a moment in each of our lives when an opportunity arises, tempting us to showcase our titles and positions, to demand the respect we believe we deserve. We eagerly seize such moments to assert ourselves and gain recognition from those around us.

In today's text, Jesus faced a similar situation when he was asked, "Are you the King of the Jews?" This was a golden opportunity for Him to unveil the magnificence of His kingdom and assert His authority as its ruler. He could have said so much, yet he chose to be discrete.

Proverbs 15:1 reminds us that a gentle answer diffuses anger, while a harsh word stirs up strife. It is evident that Jesus discerned the governor's thoughts and knew precisely how to respond. Furthermore, when confronted with numerous allegations, He remained silent, offering no defence.

This was an opportunity to debunk all the allegations that have been levelled against Him and speak for His freedom. Could the outcome have been different if Jesus had spoken up? Consider the implications for our salvation and God's divine plan for humanity. Perhaps if He had spoken, Jesus might not have been able to fulfil His mission as God had ordained. His timely silence allowed God's plan to unfold.


Sometimes our silence allows God to speak into our situation and make the solution clearer. We do not need to give our attention to life’s challenges around us but rather focus on God and in our silence allow him to be the defender. Whatever challenges you are going through in life, be still and know that He is God.


Heavenly Father, amid life’s overwhelming questions and challenges, help me to be still and know that you are the only answer I need. Help me to step out of the way and allow you to be my defence. For your dear name’s sake. Amen.



DAILY word study: NOT ONE WORD

The phrase "Not one word" in Matthew 27:14 (NKJV) is translated from the following Greek words:

  1. "οὐδεὶς" (oudeis): This Greek word means "not one" or "none." It signifies the absence of any response.

  2. "ῥῆμα" (rhēma): This Greek word refers to a "spoken word" or "utterance."

The phrase "Not one word" in this verse holds profound significance. It reflects Jesus' response to false accusations, unjust trials, and the ultimate purpose of His mission. Several key points can be drawn from this passage:

  1. Fulfilment of Prophecy: This silence aligns with Old Testament prophecies, such as Isaiah 53:7, which describes the Messiah as a lamb led to slaughter, silent before His accusers. Jesus' silence fulfils these prophetic words, underscoring His divine role.

  2. Submission to God's Will: Jesus' silence in the face of false accusations demonstrates His submission to God's will and His commitment to fulfill His mission, even in the face of unjust treatment. His silence speaks volumes about His obedience and trust in God's plan.

  3. A Response to Mockery: Jesus' silence also contrasts with the mockery and false accusations hurled at Him. His refusal to engage in a verbal defence highlights the emptiness of the accusations and the dignity with which He endures this trial.

  4. Awe of Pilate: Pilate's marvelling at Jesus' silence reflects the extraordinary nature of Christ's response. It leaves Pilate astounded and perhaps even questioning the legitimacy of the charges brought against Jesus.

Jesus' silence in this passage encourages us to consider the power of quiet strength, trust in God's plan, and the profound impact of our responses to adversity. It invites us to seek God's guidance and grace when facing difficult circumstances, trusting in His ultimate purpose.

Reflections: How does Jesus' silence in the face of false accusations inspire you in your own life when you encounter unjust situations or adversity? How can His example of submission to God's will and trust in His divine mission influence your responses to challenges and trials?

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Pastor Israel Kuadzi
Pastor Israel Kuadzi
26 de set. de 2023

Great words insightful, keep it up



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