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Co-Labourers - The Sowers and The Reapers

Rev. Tetteh-Annor Larbi | March 13, 2024 | John 4:31-38


Even now the one who reaps draws a wage and harvests a crop for eternal life, so that the Sower and the Reaper may be glad together. John 4:36 (NIV)


In John 4:31-38, Jesus imparts a profound lesson to His disciples, drawing an analogy between physical sustenance and spiritual nourishment. While His disciples were concerned about physical food, Jesus redirected their focus to a deeper truth: His sustenance comes from doing the will of the Father and completing His work. This exchange challenges us to examine our priorities and recognize that true fulfilment comes from aligning ourselves with God's purpose and mission.

Jesus then shifts the conversation to the spiritual harvest, using agricultural imagery to illustrate the urgency of the gospel mission. He urges His disciples to "open their eyes and look at the fields," emphasizing that the time for harvest is now. In this metaphor, Jesus highlights the collaborative nature of kingdom work, where Sowers and Reapers play distinct yet interconnected roles. Just as in agriculture, where one person sows seeds and another reaps the harvest, so too in the spiritual realm, individuals may participate at different stages of the journey towards faith.

As followers of Christ, we are called to be both Sowers and Reapers in God's kingdom. Some may sow seeds of truth and love through their words and actions, planting seeds of faith in the hearts of others. Others may have the privilege of reaping the harvest, witnessing the fruit of those seeds as individuals come to faith in Christ. Jesus assures His disciples that both roles are essential and worthy of celebration, as they contribute to the advancement of God's kingdom and the growth of His church.


Are you a Sower or a Reaper? God is calling for labourers will you heed His call? May we be attentive to the spiritual harvest around us, actively sowing seeds of truth and love and eagerly anticipating the harvest of souls for eternal life.


DEAR LORD JESUS, I draw strength from you. I draw strength from your word to go into the white fields and join in the work. Grant me the grace to be diligent in the field of souls. For your dear name’s sake. Amen.




DAILY word study: SOWER AND REAPER In the Greek text, the word "sower" is translated as "ὁ σπείρων" (ho speirōn), derived from the verb "speirō," which means "to sow" or "to scatter seeds." Similarly, the word "reaper" is translated as "ὁ θερίζων" (ho therizōn), derived from the verb "therizō," which means "to reap" or "to harvest."

The imagery of sowing and reaping in the original Greek emphasizes the intentional action of scattering seeds and gathering the harvest. It underscores the purposeful work of evangelism and discipleship, as well as the joy of witnessing the results of God's Word taking root in people's lives.


As you consider the roles of sower and reaper in the Kingdom of God, how does understanding the Greek text deepen your appreciation for the significance of evangelism and disciple-making? How can you apply this insight to your ministry and personal spiritual growth?

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