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Disbelief from Family

Rev. Tetteh-Annor Larbi | April 17, 2024 | John 7:1-5



For even His brothers did not believe in Him. John 7:5 (NIV)



For numerous individuals who have committed their lives to Christ, their closest family members may struggle to reconcile with this newfound faith. This challenge is particularly evident with siblings who have shared upbringing and deep familiarity with each other. Often, the difficulty arises from the inherent familiarity, making it hard for them to embrace the profound changes they witness in their loved one, especially when juxtaposed with the knowledge they possess about their sibling's past.


In John 7:1-5, we encounter a scene where Jesus faces disbelief from His own family. Despite witnessing His miracles and hearing His teachings, His brothers lacked faith in Him. They even urged Him to reveal Himself openly during the Festival of Tabernacles, as if they did not grasp the divine timing of His mission. This disbelief from those closest to Him must have weighed on Jesus' heart, yet He responded with patience and clarity, affirming that His time had not yet come.


This passage reminds us that even those closest to us may struggle to understand our faith journey and accept our ministry. Family members, despite their love for us, may doubt or question the path we choose to follow. But like Jesus, we are called to remain steadfast in our beliefs, trusting in God's timing and purpose for our lives. Our faithfulness in the face of disbelief can be a powerful testimony, showing that our allegiance lies not with human expectations but with the will of God.



Do you find yourself facing disbelief or resistance from loved ones regarding your calling or ministry? Take heart in the example of Jesus, who met such challenges with grace and patience. Stay firm in your convictions, leaning on God's strength, for even Jesus encountered similar obstacles. Trust that God Himself will orchestrate the timing of your revelation.



Gracious God, I am grateful to be counted among those chosen for a specific purpose. Thank you for affirming my calling and tasks. Please empower me to always rely on Your guidance as I fulfil my assignments in life. In Your name, I pray. Amen.




DAILY word study: BROTHERS The Greek word used for "brothers" in John 7:5 is "ἀδελφοί" (adelphoi), which can refer to biological siblings or more broadly to close relatives or fellow believers. In this context, it specifically refers to Jesus' siblings.

The mention of Jesus' brothers not believing in Him tells us about the scepticism and lack of understanding that Jesus faced, even among those closest to Him biologically. Despite growing up with Jesus, they did not recognize His divine identity or the significance of His ministry at this point.  It also prompts us to consider the challenges that may arise when those closest to us do not share our beliefs.

This verse emphasises the reality that faith in Jesus as the Son of God and Messiah is not automatic, even among those who are closest to Him. It also highlights the importance of personal conviction and spiritual discernment in recognizing and accepting Jesus for who He truly is.

Reflections: Are there areas in our own lives where we may be overlooking or underestimating the work of God because of preconceived notions or familiarity? How can we cultivate a deeper faith and openness to God's presence and activity, even in the midst of the ordinary and familiar?


BAPTIST Daily Devotional | April 17, 2024


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