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Faith by His Word, Not Signs and Wonders

Rev. Tetteh-Annor Larbi | March 16, 2024 | John 4:43-48


“Unless you people see signs and wonders,” Jesus told him, “you will never believe.” John 4:48 (NIV)


Our text for today's devotional teaches a powerful lesson about the nature of faith and belief in Jesus. As Jesus returns to Galilee, the Galileans welcome Him, having witnessed the signs, and wonders He performed in Jerusalem. Yet, Jesus discerns the shallow nature of their faith, recognising that their belief depends upon witnessing miraculous signs. In contrast, when a royal official seeks Jesus to heal his son, Jesus challenges him to move beyond seeking signs and instead believe in His word alone. The official, despite his desperation, demonstrates remarkable faith by taking Jesus at His word, and he receives the reward for his faith.

This passage highlights a crucial distinction between faith based on signs and wonders and faith rooted in the word of Jesus. While signs and wonders may capture our attention and spark initial belief, true and lasting faith is founded on trust in the character and promises of Jesus Himself. Jesus' interaction with the royal official underscores the importance of placing our faith in His word, even when circumstances seem dire, and miracles seem distant.

The royal official's response serves as a model of authentic faith for us today. Despite his anxiety and urgency to save his dying son, he chooses to trust Jesus' word completely. He does not demand further signs or proof but simply believes that Jesus's words are enough to bring about healing. In doing so, he experiences the power of Jesus' word in action as his son is restored to health.


Let us examine the foundation of our faith. Are we seeking signs and wonders to validate our belief, or are we placing our trust in the unwavering word of Jesus? May we learn to anchor our faith in the reliability and faithfulness of Jesus's word, knowing that He is true to His promises and able to bring about miraculous transformation in our lives.


Lord Jesus, I choose to anchor my faith on your word. Help me to hold on to your work, even when circumstances seem dire, and I don’t see the signs of your provision. Thank you, Lord, for your sure word which doesn’t fail. Amen.




DAILY word study: SIGNS AND WONDERS In John 4:48, the phrase "signs and wonders" refers to miraculous works or extraordinary manifestations of divine power. The Greek words used for "signs" and "wonders" are σημεῖα (sēmeia) and τέρατα (terata), respectively.

"Signs" typically denote miracles that authenticate the divine authority of the one performing them and signify spiritual truths. They serve as evidence of God's presence and power. "Wonders" emphasize the awe-inspiring nature of these miraculous acts, often eliciting astonishment and amazement from witnesses.

In this verse, Jesus rebukes the people seeking signs and wonders, implying that true faith should not depend solely on miraculous displays but should be rooted in a deeper understanding of spiritual truths and a genuine belief in Him.


How can we ensure that our faith is not based solely on seeking signs and wonders but is grounded in a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ and a deep understanding of His teachings?

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