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Jesus Christ is the long-awaited Messiah

Rev Enoch Thompson | April 1, 2023 | Matthew 11:1-6


. . . ."Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else? Matthew 11:3 (NIV)


Identity is key in every matter. You want to be sure that the person sitting in the doctor’s seat in the consulting room, when you go for your check-up, is the trained and qualified person who is supposed to be in that seat to look after you. I heard the story once of an Accra-bound public transport from Kumasi. At the rest stop along the way the driver stepped out and went to the washroom. A mentally challenged person in the vicinity, who was a driver in his normal life, walked into the driver’s seat, drove the passengers to Accra and walked away. Thank God the passengers got to their destination, but the story could have ended differently, because of a wrong identity at the wheels.

John the Baptist had strong convictions about the Lord Jesus Christ as the One that was to be the Saviour of Israel, and of course of the whole of humanity, the Messiah. At the special encounter before John was born (Luke 1:41) and at the baptism of the Lord Jesus in Jordan, John received the attestation that the man of Galilee, Jesus, was the Messiah. John publicly announced that Jesus of Nazareth was the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world (John 1:29-36), to the end that some of his disciples left him to follow the Lord.

However, with the passage of time after the arrest of John, with nothing miraculous from the Lord Jesus happening to secure his release, or to punish the evil that was taking over the nation of Israel, John began to doubt if he had concluded wrongly, and sent his disciples to ask the question of Christ, "Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?" Matthew 11:3 (NIV).

We must ask that question about the Lord Jesus Christ today. For it is dangerous to commit our eternal souls to following a fake Messiah. We must be assured that the One we follow in the Holy week ahead, carrying our own crosses is the eternal One who has come like He promised to set us free, and lead us through this life to our eternal abode in a place He has prepared for us.

The testimony of the Old and New Testament Scriptures, the record of the life of the historical Jesus and its fulfilment of prophecies made centuries before, the person, teachings and works of the holy person Jesus all say that Jesus is the Christ. The witness of the indwelling Holy Spirit in true believers, the reactions and responses of demons in obedience to the Name of Jesus, and the transformation and elevation we experience by the Name Jesus, all conspire to announce the verdict, JESUS OF NAZARETH IS THE LONG-AWAITED MESSIAH, THE ONE ANOINTED TO SAVE HUMANITY FROM SIN AND THE POWER OF SATAN!


Settle the question once and for all about whether Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the God-Man, the Messiah announced from of old. Yes, He is, and resoundingly so. Hold Him out as your Saviour and Master, always.


Dear Messiah Jesus, Anointed One of Israel, God Himself identifying with His fallen creatures. I own you as my eternal King and commit to walk in your Word and in your Spirit. Anointed One, anoint me to represent you truly while I go through this world. For your dear Name’s sake, Amen.



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