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Oh, that we may truly see

Rev Enoch Thompson | March 18, 2023 | Matthew 9:27-31


As Jesus went on from there, two blind men followed him, calling out, "Have mercy on us, Son of David!" Matthew 9:27 (NIV)


It has been said that the worst disaster is to be born with eyes and not see. There are many people today who were born with normal sight and therefore see physically, but they have had their minds so much dulled by sin, Satan and the tantalizing deceptions of this life that they have become insensitive to spiritual truth, and therefore though seeing physically they do not see spiritually.

In our text for the day, two blind men follow the Lord as He emerged from restoring the dead girl. They had heard of the fame of the Lord, and believed in Him, so much so that they wanted to have a direct contact with Him and to benefit from His abundant goodness and power.

The blind men could “see” because they acknowledged the fact that Jesus of Nazareth was their long-awaited Messiah, the God-man to bring in the deliverance and renewal of their nation. The Messiah was expected to be a descendant of David, and so the term Son of David developed among the Jews. The blind men “saw” the Messiah while the seeing Pharisees and notables were blind. Their blindness was not only bad for themselves but also dangerous for their people who trusted them and followed their views about Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah.

The two men displayed both faith and knowledge. Their faith brought them to the Lord Jesus (v. 27), they affirmed their faith when questioned about it (v. 28), and their faith was rewarded (vv. 29-30). It is necessary to have faith because it is the currency of the Kingdom, but we must also have sound knowledge as revealed in the Bible. In fact, we are enjoined in 2 Peter 1:5, “For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge;” (NIV). Faith without knowledge can be dangerous in many ways, and there are many who profess faith but lack knowledge.


The grace and mercies of the Lord are not far away from anyone of us. We need faith to access God’s abundant blessings for us. But we must approach Him on the bases of how He has revealed Himself in the Bible. Do you have a need? Believe in the power and mercy of Jesus our Messiah to hear you, and answer you. See Him for who He truly is, and He will be for you all that He really is.


Son of David, who is indeed the Lord of David, my Messiah and my all, I believe in you as my God and Master. I trust that you care about me and want to help me. Please help me to follow you in knowledge, and by faith. For your dear Name’s sake. Amen.



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