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Peter's final crushing

Rev. Enoch Thompson | September 21, 2023 | Matthew 26:69-75


⁷⁴Then he began to call down curses on himself and he swore to them, "I don't know the man!" Immediately a rooster crowed. ⁷⁵Then Peter remembered the word Jesus had spoken: "Before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times." And he went outside and wept bitterly. Matthew 26:74-75 (NIV)


The Apostle Peter has been trying to hold up a crumbling wall and stand strong in turbulent storms, and not things come to a crisis, he goes through his final Gethsemane in the court of Caiaphas.

Bombarded by the confrontations of the people around him, Peter is forced to deny his knowledge, let alone his association with the Man on trial. He must save his skin he must wiggle himself out of the tight grip of overwhelming forces around him. Christ had His Gethsemane, Peter tasted some of those happenings, but now, Peter faces it all coming directly to his face.

There is a place of crushing that comes to the believer and follower of Christ. It comes in different ways to different persons at different times and in different intensities.

Peter denied the Lord, but the good thing is that Peter knew to move away from the place of the crushing and the failure, and Peter knew how to weep, and he wept bitterly. The challenge with many people is that we do not know when to move away from situations, and most importantly we do not know how to repent and weep for our sins.


Have you had times in your life when things just gang up together to attack you from every side? Have you, like Peter failed to stand for your Christian claims in any situations? The Lord knows, and He cares.

Have the presence of mind to recompose and reposition yourself. Learn to weep to the Lord and redirect your steps.


Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for knowing all the challenges I encounter in my commitment to follow you truly. You know that sometimes I am brought to the place where I may fail you because I seem helpless. Please help me to see your grace and power available to me, even when I am surrounded by seemingly overwhelming forces.

Please teach me to truly repent, and to have godly sorrow that heals. For your dear Name’s sake, Amen.



__________________________________ DAILY word study: WEPT BITTERLY The phrase "wept bitterly" in Matthew 26:75 is translated from the following Greek words:

"ἔκλαυσεν" (eklausen): This is a form of the Greek verb "κλαίω" (klaio), which means "to weep" or "to cry." The use of the verb tense here signifies a strong, emotional weeping and

"πικρῶς" (pikrōs): This Greek adverb means "bitterly." It emphasizes the intense and deep sorrow or regret associated with the weeping.

The phrase "wept bitterly" in this verse illustrates the profound emotional and spiritual turmoil that Peter experiences at this moment. It showcases the depth of his remorse and the weight of his actions. Peter, who had boldly declared his loyalty to Jesus, now confronts the painful reality of his betrayal.

This verse reminds us of the frailty of human nature and the capacity for mistakes, even among those who are deeply committed to their faith. It also demonstrates the power of conviction and conscience when faced with the consequences of one's actions. Peter's tears are not just tears of sorrow but also tears of repentance and a turning point in his journey of faith.

Reflections: Have there been moments in your life when you experienced deep sorrow or regret over your actions or choices? How did those moments impact your faith and relationship with God? How can you learn from Peter's experience and use moments of remorse as opportunities for growth and reconciliation with God?

May your reflection on Peter's tears inspire you to turn to God in times of remorse, seek forgiveness and renewal, and draw strength from your faith to overcome challenges and grow in your journey of discipleship.

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