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The Conspiracy of Trouble-Part 3 (When Challenges Multiply Stay Organized

Rev. Enoch Thompson | November 16, 2023 | Nehemiah 4:16-20


Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, join us there. Our God will fight for us!" Nehemiah 4:20 (NIV)


An unorganized army is a defeated army from the start. Whatever we do physically or spiritually to face up to our challenges, whether they come individually or in multiples, we must intentionally organize our lives. Nehemiah was an organized leader who organized his resources for the best results.

In the first place, the men were divided into a workforce and a security force, with the officers posted behind the workmen, (verse 16). Then the workmen themselves were armed to boost the effort of the security force, they carried weapons as they did the building, (verses 17-18). Ultimately Nehemiah appointed a trumpet-blower who stayed by him. Nehemiah was the commander of the security system they had developed and was the one to direct when military action was necessary. He told the leaders and all the people, “Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, join us there. Our God will fight for us!" (verse 20).

There must be an organization of the personal life, in the management of time, money, health, and behaviour. There must be clear chains of command in the home, in the Church and society. Where there is no organization chaos is inevitable. An unruly society is bound to flounder in backwardness.

The organization of every aspect of life, when the God factor is left out, may produce a system which may end up crumbling eventually. Rome as strong as she was, fell because of moral deficiencies within its civilization. Much of modern society has developed political and economic systems, without God. In fact, God has been let out of the door by declaring modern democracies secular societies. Nehemiah after putting order in the system indicated that God would be at the top, and God would fight for them.


Is your life organized? Do you have God as the main factor in your system of progress? Remember to keep an eye on your assignment, prepare to deal with the encircling challenges, and keep God above and over all your ways.


Dear God, I seek to overcome the challenges that I face, or those I would face in the future. Please give me a sense of the situations that face me and help me to put in place arrangements to deal with them. And may I never forget you, my God and my King.

Please grant that the leaders in the Church and the state will be organized to the best advantage of your people. In Jesus’ dear Name, Amen.




DAILY word study: SOUND OF THE TRUMPET In Nehemiah 4:20, the phrase "sound of the trumpet" is derived from the Hebrew words:

Sound: The Hebrew word used for "sound" is qol (קוֹל), which encompasses a wide range of meanings from sound to voice. In this context, it signifies a distinctive, attention-grabbing sound.

Trumpet: The Hebrew word for "trumpet" is shofar (שׁוֹפָר), a ram's horn used as a musical instrument or, in biblical times, to signal significant events.

The use of the trumpet in the Bible is rich with symbolism and practical significance:

  • Signalling Warning: The sound of the trumpet often served as a warning or a call to attention. In Nehemiah 4:20, it likely functioned as an alert, a rallying cry amidst the ongoing construction work and potential threats.

  • Calling to Assembly: Trumpets were used to gather people for important announcements or gatherings. This is seen in Numbers 10:2 when trumpets were used to call the congregation.

  • Sign of God's Presence: The trumpet's sound was associated with divine manifestations. In Exodus 19:16, the sound of the trumpet accompanied God's descent on Mount Sinai.

The phrase "sound of the trumpet" in Nehemiah 4:20 symbolizes not just a literal call to attention but a spiritual resonance echoing through the ages. It reminds us of God's consistent way of getting our attention:

  1. Alert to Spiritual Threats: Just as the trumpet alerted the people in Nehemiah's time to potential danger, God uses various "trumpet" moments in our lives to warn us of spiritual threats and challenges.

  2. Gathering in Unity: The trumpet's call gathered people together. Similarly, God calls His people to unity, to come together for a common purpose, especially in the face of adversity.

  3. Divine Presence: The sound of the trumpet in biblical history often signified the presence of God. In our lives, the challenges and calls can be moments where God is profoundly present, guiding and leading us.


How attuned are we to the "sound of the trumpet" moments in our lives? Are we heeding the spiritual alerts and recognizing God's presence in both challenges and moments of unity?

This study invites us to be vigilant, responsive, and attuned to the divine trumpet calls in our lives, understanding that God speaks through various means to guide and gather His people.

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