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The danger of being a stumbling block

Rev. Charles Oppong-Poku | June 13, 2023 | Matthew 18:1-7


"If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Matthew 18:6


After Jesus has responded to the question of who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, He continued with one of the sternest warnings in His teachings. In Matthew 18:6-7, Jesus addresses the issue of being a stumbling block to others. Jesus begins by emphasizing the importance of valuing and protecting those who believe in Him, especially the "little ones" who may be vulnerable or impressionable in their faith. This highlights the sanctity of individuals in the eyes of God and the responsibility of believers to care for and nurture one another.

Jesus sternly warns against causing others to stumble in their faith. He uses strong imagery to convey the severity of such actions, suggesting that it would be better for a person to face a grave punishment than to lead others away from the path of righteousness. This highlights the seriousness with which Jesus views the responsibility of believers to avoid becoming stumbling blocks to others. Jesus acknowledges that temptations and stumbling blocks will inevitably arise in the world. However, He issues a warning to those who actively introduce or promote such stumbling blocks, emphasizing the negative consequences that await them. This serves as a cautionary message for believers to be mindful of their actions and the potential impact they may have on others.

In contrast to being a stumbling block, believers are called to be positive influences, helping others grow in their faith and walk with God. This passage underscores the importance of living in a manner that fosters spiritual growth and encourages others in their relationship with Christ. This passage prompts believers to reflect on their conduct and how it may impact others. It urges individuals to prioritize the spiritual well-being of fellow believers, particularly those who may be more vulnerable in their faith. It serves as a reminder to exercise caution and wisdom in our actions, striving to build up and support others rather than leading them astray.


Are you a stumbling block or a building block? How do your actions and words influence others, especially those who are new in the faith? This passage calls for believers to embody Christ-like love and to be mindful of their influence on others. By avoiding actions that may cause others to stumble and actively promoting growth and faith, believers can contribute to the building of a strong and nurturing community of believers.


Dear God, help me be a building block, not a stumbling block. Guide my words, actions, and choices, so that they may inspire and encourage others instead of causing them to stumble. Grant me wisdom and discernment to build up those around me and to be a source of strength and support. May my life reflect Your love and grace, shining as a light in this world. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen!



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