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The truth or a lie

Rev. Charles Oppong-Poku | October 9, 2023 | Matthew 28:11-15


¹² When the chief priests had met with the elders and devised a plan, they gave the soldiers a large sum of money, ¹³ telling them, “You are to say, ‘His disciples came during the night and stole him away while we were asleep.’ Matthew 28:12-13


Truth is a precious and powerful thing, but it can be challenged, twisted, and even suppressed. In Matthew 28:11-15, we find a striking account of attempts to cover up the truth surrounding the resurrection of Jesus. The soldiers who guarded Jesus' tomb reported to the religious leaders what had happened—how an angel had descended, rolled away the stone, and Jesus had risen from the dead. The soldiers' report reminds us that sometimes, even those who are initially sceptical of the truth can become witnesses to it. For a Roman soldier to fail in his duty was an offence punishable by death (Acts 12:19). Because of this they did not report the happenings to Pilate or their superior officers but instead, they reported to the Jewish Chief priests. They knew that these men would be as anxious to cover up the miracle as the soldiers were themselves.

While the women were running to find the disciples and tell them that Jesus had resurrected from the dead, another group was plotting to destroy the truth of the resurrection (vv. 11-12). The religious elite decided to seek to cover the Truth. They chose not to believe the truth of the resurrection and sought to keep others from believing it as well. They decided to bribe the soldiers and instructed them to tell lies. They wanted them to deliberately lie against their consciences. The resilience of the truth in this passage demonstrates that falsehood may temporarily obscure it, but the truth cannot be hidden forever. The Gospel message continues to spread, transcending barriers and overcoming opposition. It reminds us that the truth of Christ's resurrection is unassailable and unstoppable.


What would make you lie about what you know is the truth? Is it for fame, money or power? In a world where truth can be challenged and covered, the resurrection of Jesus Christ remains a shining beacon of truth and hope. The attempts to cover it up in Matthew 28:11-15 ultimately failed, and the Gospel message continues to transform lives. As believers, we are called to stand firm in the face of falsehood to uphold the truth of the Gospel and share it with unwavering confidence.


Heavenly Father, we thank You for the unshakable truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Help us to stand firm in the face of falsehood, to boldly proclaim the truth of the Gospel, and to trust that Your truth will prevail. May the world come to know the transformative power of the risen Saviour. In His name, we pray. Amen. THERE SHALL BE SHOWERS OF BLESSING.

SHOWERS! BLESSINGS!! __ DAILY word study: DEVISED The term "devised" is translated from the following Greek word: "συμβούλιον" (sumboulion): This word refers to a council, a deliberate consultation, or a plan formed by deliberation.

While "sumboulion" may not be a highly frequent term in the New Testament, its root word "sumboulion" is used to describe various consultations or deliberations:

  • In Matthew 12:14, the Pharisees take counsel to destroy Jesus.

  • In Mark 3:6, the Pharisees, along with the Herodians, took counsel to destroy Jesus.

In Matthew 28:12, the chief priests and elders are depicted as actively planning or consulting to address the news of Jesus' resurrection. Their consultation leads to a devised plan, which involves giving money to the soldiers to spread false information about the events at the tomb. As we explore the meaning of "Devised" in the context of our key verse, we can learn about

  1. Hostility Towards Truth: The chief priests and elders, instead of grappling with the reality of Jesus' resurrection, respond with hostility. Their consultation is not aimed at seeking the truth but at suppressing it.

  2. The Power of Deception: The use of the term "devised" highlights the intentional and strategic nature of the plan. It underscores the lengths to which some were willing to go to undermine the truth of the resurrection.

  3. Fruitless Resistance: Despite the devised plan, the resurrection of Jesus ultimately prevailed. This underscores the futility of human efforts to thwart God's sovereign purposes.

Contemplating the word "devised" in this context prompts us to ponder the lengths to which some may go to resist or suppress the truth. It challenges us to uphold a commitment to truth in the face of intentional deception and to trust that God's purposes will ultimately prevail.

Reflections Reflecting on the devised plan of the chief priests and elders, consider how intentional efforts to suppress truth manifest in contemporary contexts. How can believers respond to such strategies with a commitment to truth and trust in God's sovereignty?

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