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This temple will crumble

Rev. Charles Oppong-Poku | August 16, 2023 | Matthew 24:1-2


"'Do you see all these things?' he asked. 'Truly I tell you, not one stone here will be left on another; everyone will be thrown down.'" Matthew 24:2 (NIV)


In these verses, Jesus' disciples marvelled at the magnificence of the Temple in Jerusalem. However, Jesus took the opportunity to reveal a profound truth: that even the most impressive human achievements, represented by the Temple, are temporary and subject to decay. He prophesied that the Temple, a symbol of stability and religious significance, would be utterly destroyed. In the hustle and bustle of our lives, it's easy to be captivated by the attraction of temporary worldly things and achievements. We often place our hopes and security in material possessions, status, and success. Yet, the Scriptures remind us of the impermanence of these pursuits. The allure of success, recognition, and material possessions can easily become our focus, yet Christ's response reminds us that even the most impressive structures are subject to decay and destruction.

The Temple, a symbol of religious and societal significance, was not exempt from the passage of time. Its eventual destruction serves as a reminder that nothing in this world remains forever. No matter how noble or impressive, our pursuits are part of a transient existence. Jesus' words prompt us to reevaluate our priorities. Relying solely on worldly achievements and possessions can lead to disappointment when they fade or crumble. By shifting our perspective, we can recognize our lives deeper meaning and purpose beyond the temporal. Just as Jesus warned against placing undue importance on the Temple's physical structure, He invites us to invest in the eternal. Our actions, driven by love, compassion, and service, create lasting impact. These spiritual investments bear fruit that transcends the limitations of the material world.


The central message of Matthew 24 shows that the world without Christ is set for judgement and destruction. The Temple was going to crumble, but by anchoring our faith in Christ, we discover a foundation that remains unshaken amidst life's uncertainties. Let us heed this reminder to prioritize eternal values over fleeting worldly achievements. By shifting our focus to the everlasting, we free ourselves from the cycle of disappointment and align ourselves with the divine purpose that surpasses the temporary attraction of this world.


Dear God, in your presence, I come humbly today. I ask for your grace and strength to redirect my heart from the fleeting possessions of this world. Help me fix my gaze on you and your eternal kingdom, where true riches and lasting joy reside. Grant me the wisdom to discern between temporary pleasures and the everlasting blessings that come from walking in your ways. Thank you for your unchanging love and the promise of a kingdom that never fades. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen!


SHOWERS! BLESSINGS!! _____________________________ DAILY word study: THROWN DOWN The English phrase "thrown down" in our key verse for today is translated from the Greek phrase "καταλυθήσεται" (kataluthēsetai).

  1. "κατα-" (kata-): A prefix often implying downward motion, thoroughly, or extensively.

  2. "λυθήσεται" (lythēsetai): This is the future passive form of the verb "λύω" (luō), which means "to loosen," "to break down," "to destroy," or "to dissolve."

The phrase "thrown down" carries a sense of finality and devastation. As indicated in the MESSAGE for the devotional today, Jesus' prophecy about the temple's destruction serves as a powerful reminder of the impermanence of earthly things, even those that are considered sacred. The temple, once a centre of religious worship, would face utter devastation. This prophecy serves as a metaphor for the transient nature of worldly achievements and material possessions. It prompts us to consider the fragility of human achievements and the importance of investing in eternal and spiritual matters. The temple's destruction underscores the need for a deeper, lasting connection with God that transcends physical structures.

Reflections As we contemplate the phrase "thrown down" and its significance in Matthew 24:2, consider this reflective question: How can the knowledge that earthly things are transient and can be "thrown down" inspire you to invest more deeply in cultivating a relationship with God and seeking eternal values? How might you prioritize the unchanging truths of faith over temporary achievements?

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Kwabena Asamoah
Kwabena Asamoah
16 ago 2023

Lord Jesus Christ will everlasting reigns forever and ever. Amen.

Me gusta


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