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Walk in the Fear of the Lord - Part 2 (Godly Rebuke Must Lead to Healing and Restoration)

Rev. Tetteh Annor-Larbi | November 20, 2023 | Nehemiah 5:9-13


So they said, “We will restore it, and will require nothing from them; we will do as you say.” Nehemiah 5:12a


When the nobles accepted their fault and decided to obey what Nehemiah had told them to do, their reaction was genuine. Because we could see repentance in the statement, they made in v12. However, their action to repentance did not end there. They had to act on that repentance, to restore all that they had extorted from their fellow Jews; a hundredth of the money and the grain, the new wine, and the oil.

The relationships between the Jews and their fellows who had become slave masters were ruined by these acts of extortion and oppression, and there was a need to heal the relationship to foster unity for the work of God to continue and be completed. This healing process was facilitated by the open declaration of their willingness to obey the admonishing of Nehemiah and walk in the fear of God to restore to their fellows, all that they had taken from them.

Often, when we face rebuke, our response is remorse rather than true repentance. Genuine repentance goes beyond mere feelings of regret; it involves a willingness to let go of the benefits derived from wrongdoing, to mend relationships damaged by our actions, and to restore what our misguided choices may have taken from others. True repentance is a decisive choice that only finds completion in proactive commitment and meaningful actions. Nehemiah ensured the fulfilment of their promise with an oath, underscoring his deep commitment to the unity of the brethren in the work of God.


Have you received any conviction or rebuke for something you are or have been engaged in? Decide now to repent and to take action to restore what has been destroyed by your wrong action. Start now. Act now.


Dear Heavenly father, I repent of every wrongdoing in my past and present. Help me to forgive, reconstruct broken relationships, and restore possible losses to all the affected people. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.




DAILY word study: DO AS YOU SAY The Hebrew phrase "עָשָׂה כַאֲשֶׁר דִּבַּרְתָּ" (asah ka'asher dibarta) translates to "do as you say" in English. Let's explore the underlying meanings of this expression.

  1. Fulfilling Words with Action: The Hebrew phrase עָשָׂה (asah) means "to do" This is a common Hebrew verb used throughout the Old Testament. It denotes not just action but often emphasizes completion and fulfilment.

  2. Keeping One's Word: The Hebrew word כַאֲשֶׁר (ka'asher) is a conjunction meaning "as" or "according to." It establishes a connection between words and actions, emphasizing the idea of alignment

  3. Promise and Execution: The Hebrew word דִּבַּרְתָּ (dibarta) is derived from the root word "דָּבַר (davar)," which means "word" or "thing." In this context, it implies a promise or a verbal commitment.

This phrase DO AS YOU SAY encapsulates the profound Hebrew concept of integrity — the seamless unity between speech and action. In Hebrew thought, words are not merely expressions; they are commitments. "עָשָׂה כַאֲשֶׁר דִּבַּרְתָּ" calls for a life where promises are not empty sounds but are translated into tangible deeds.


How can our lives echo the Hebrew understanding of keeping our word? In what ways does the integration of speech and action reflect the character of God?

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