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Whose Approval Do You Seek?

Rev. Charles Oppong-Poku | April 1, 2024 | John 5:41-44



⁴¹ “Your approval means nothing to me, …. ⁴⁴ No wonder you can’t believe! For you gladly honour each other, but you don’t care about the honour that comes from the one who alone is God.” John 5:41,44 (NLT)



In John 5:41-44, Jesus challenges the Jewish leaders about the source of their approval and recognition. His words serve as a reminder for us to examine our motives and intentions in seeking approval. Jesus points out that the Jewish leaders seek approval from one another, prioritising human recognition over God's approval. Jesus emphasises that true approval comes from God alone. Seeking approval from people can lead to hypocrisy and a distorted understanding of true worth. Jesus warns against pride, stating that those who seek human approval are unable to believe in Him, the One sent by the Father. The primary hindrance to the salvation of the scribes and Pharisees was their pride, vanity, and self-centeredness. The downfall of religious leaders, which has persisted to this day, has been their prideful pursuit of recognition and honour from their peers, at the expense of the honour bestowed by God. If they had acknowledged Christ as the Son of God, they must have given up the good opinion of the multitude; and they chose rather to lose their souls than to forfeit their reputation among men.


Jesus highlights the importance of seeking God's approval above human recognition. Our motives and actions should be driven by a desire to please God, not to gain approval or recognition from others. Jesus' words serve as a warning against pride and the temptation to seek approval and recognition for ourselves. We are called to humble ourselves before God and acknowledge that all approval ultimately comes from Him. Reflecting on whose approval we seek can help us realign our priorities and focus on living for God's glory. Our aim should be to please God in all that we do, seeking His approval above all else.



Whose approval do you seek in your daily life? Are your actions motivated by a desire for human recognition or by a desire to please God? As we reflect on Jesus' words, may we be reminded of the importance of seeking God's approval. Let us strive to live with a humble heart, seeking to please God in all we do.



Dear Lord, help me to seek your approval above all else. Guard my heart against pride and the desire for human recognition. May my actions and motives be driven by a desire to please you in all that I do. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.




DAILY word study: APPROVAL In John 5:41 (NLT), the term "approval" is translated from the Greek word "ἔπαινος" (epainos), which refers to praise, commendation, or approval given to someone.

The statement in which this term is used by Jesus reflects His independence from human opinion or validation. He emphasizes that His mission and purpose are not based on seeking the praise or approval of others but rather on fulfilling the will of God the Father. Jesus' primary concern is to do the Father's will and accomplish the work assigned to Him, regardless of human opinion or recognition.

The use of the word "approval" in this context highlights Jesus' commitment to obedience to the Father above all else. It underscores His divine authority and integrity, showing that His actions are guided by God's perfect will rather than human expectations or opinions.


Consider how often you seek approval or praise from others in your own life. How might your perspective and actions change if you were more focused on seeking God's approval above all else? How can you cultivate a deeper sense of obedience to God's will in your daily life, regardless of human opinion?


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