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Why Samaria?

Rev. Tetteh-Annor Larbi | March 5, 2024 | John 4:1-4



Now he had to go through Samaria. John 4:4 (NIV)



In the opening verses of John 4, we encounter an unexpected journey. Jesus, aware of the growing opposition from the Pharisees in Judea, makes a deliberate choice to travel through Samaria on his way back to Galilee. This decision is significant, not only geographically but also symbolically. Samaria was a region troubled with cultural and religious tensions, with a long history of bad blood between Jews and Samaritans. Yet Jesus's intentional route through Samaria challenges the normal and reveals his heart for all people, regardless of their background or societal status.


As we ponder the question, "Why Samaria?" We begin to unravel layers of divine purpose and redemption. Jesus's journey through Samaria foretells his mission to reconcile humanity to God. Just as he crossed cultural barriers to reach the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus transcends every boundary to offer salvation to all. His encounter with the Samaritan woman serves as a powerful reminder that God's love knows no limits and reaches even the most marginalized and despised.


In our lives, "Samaria" represents the places and people we might overlook or avoid—the broken, the rejected, the misunderstood. Yet Jesus's intentional journey through Samaria challenges us to reconsider our attitudes and prejudices. It compels us to embrace those whom society deems unworthy or insignificant and to extend the same love and grace that Jesus demonstrated.


FEET AND HANDS FOR THE MESSAGE: Be inspired by Jesus’ decision to reach out to those around you with compassion and grace. Recognize the inherent value and dignity of every individual created in the image of God. Deal with any stereotypes and prejudice you might have, concerning the people you relate with or have encountered.



Dear Lord Jesus, help me to follow your good example of accepting all people no matter their societal status. Help me to share your love with them without any reservations. For your dear name’s sake. Amen.





DAILY word study: NOW In John 4:4 (NIV), the word "now"(Greek: δεῖ, dei) conveys a sense of necessity or compulsion. It implies that it was essential or inevitable for Jesus to pass through Samaria at that specific time. This emphasizes the divine purpose or plan behind Jesus' journey and highlights the significance of the events that would unfold there.

The word "now" serves as a transitional marker, indicating a shift in Jesus' itinerary and signalling the beginning of a new phase in His ministry. It underscores the urgency and importance of His mission, particularly in reaching out to the Samaritans, a marginalized group in Jewish society.


How does the idea of divine necessity or purpose influence your understanding of God's plan for your life? How can you discern and respond to God's leading in the present moment?

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