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A Genuine Encounter with the Messiah Changes You

Rev. Tetteh-Annor Larbi | March 14, 2024 | John 4:39-42



And because of his words many more became believers. John 4:41 (NIV)

MESSAGE: We witness in John 4:39-42, the transformative power of a true encounter with Jesus. The Samaritan woman's testimony about her encounter with Jesus at the well sparks belief among her fellow Samaritans. They initially come to Jesus because of her testimony, but as they spend time with Him and hear His words, their belief deepens into personal conviction. This passage highlights the profound truth that a genuine encounter with Jesus has the power to change hearts and lives forever.


The Samaritans' response to Jesus's presence demonstrates the impact of experiencing His love and truth firsthand. They invite Him to stay with them, eager to spend time in His presence and learn from Him. As they listen to Jesus's words and witness His character, their faith grows exponentially. Their initial belief based on the woman's testimony evolves into a personal conviction rooted in their encounter with the Savior of the world.

This passage challenges us to examine our own encounters with Jesus. Have we merely heard about Him from others, or have we personally experienced His presence and truth in our lives? A true encounter with Jesus is not just an intellectual belief but a heart transformation that leads to a lifelong journey of faith and discipleship. As we spend time with Jesus in prayer, Scripture reading, and fellowship with other believers, we deepen our personal relationship with Him, allowing His love and truth to change us from the inside out.

FEET AND HANDS FOR THE MESSAGE: Do you just know about the Messiah, or have you experienced Him yourself? Do you base your decisions to honour Him based on what others have said and described about Him or you have your own personal encounter with Him? Desire a genuine authentic and transformative encounter with Jesus to wholeheartedly experience His love first-hand and inspire others to do same.



Lord Jesus, a true encounter with you is my desire. Help me by you Spirit to align myself for such divine experiences that will change my life forever. Visit me with your divine presence. For your dear name’s sake. Amen. 




DAILY word study: HIS WORDS

 In John 4:41, the phrase "His words" refers to the testimony of the Samaritan woman concerning Jesus' teachings and revelations. The Greek word used for "His words" is λόγοι (lógoi), which generally denotes words, sayings, or teachings.

This phrase underscores the impact of Jesus' words on the Samaritan people, prompting them to believe in Him not only because of the woman's testimony but also because of their personal encounter with Jesus and His teachings during His stay in their town.


Reflecting on the transformative power of Jesus' words, how have His teachings influenced your faith journey? Are there specific teachings or revelations from Jesus that have significantly impacted your beliefs or actions? How can you continue to engage with and apply His words in your daily life?

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