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Ensure Resources for the House of God

Rev. Enoch Thompson | January 15, 2024 | Nehemiah 13:10-13


So I rebuked the officials and asked them, "Why is the house of God neglected?" Then I called them together and stationed them at their posts. Nehemiah 13:11 (NIV)



The Church is one wonderful entity that does so much good to humanity but is often overlooked in the distribution of national resources in the countries where she exists. Can you imagine how many people are outside prison, and do not need police scrutiny, mainly because of their Christian faith and the ministry of the Church to them? How many families are held together and are a positive influence in their communities because of the work of the Church!


The provision of financial and material sustenance for the work of the Church comes from the contribution of the members of the Church who themselves are beneficiaries of the work of the Church. When Church members fail to give towards the work of ministry, they create a shortage of funding that negatively affects her operations. The people of Israel in our text today were confronted by Nehemiah on the matter of their neglect of provision for the ministry and the ministers of worship.



What are the agreed ways of funding the church where you worship? Are you keeping up with your contributions? What more can you do to help finance the work of the ministry?

Do not wait to be confronted by a Church leader before you give towards the work of the Church.



Dear Lord, Maker of heaven and earth, owner of all that exists, the source of wealth in all its forms, I worship you for all that you have chosen to place in my hands. Please help me to commit to helping provide funding for the work of your Church. For your dear Name’s sake, Amen.






The Hebrew term used for "officials" is "פְּקִידִים" (Pekidim), derived from the root "פקד" (paqad), which means to appoint, visit, or muster. "Pekidim" denotes appointed or designated individuals.

The term "פְּקִידִים" is used in various contexts in the Bible to refer to appointed or designated individuals responsible for specific tasks. In Numbers 31:14, it is used in the context of military commanders.

In Nehemiah 13:11, Nehemiah discovers that the appointed officials tasked with overseeing the storehouses had neglected their responsibilities. This negligence led to the deterioration of proper care for the Levites.

Nehemiah's displeasure with the officials arises from their failure to fulfil their assigned duties. As a leader with a passion for the welfare of the people, he expects those appointed to be diligent and responsible.


How can we apply Nehemiah's expectation of diligence and responsibility to our own roles and tasks, whether in leadership positions or personal commitments?

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