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Genuine interest in kingdom welfare

Rev. Enoch Thompson | October 16, 2023 | Nehemiah 1:1-4


. . . I questioned them about the Jewish remnant that survived the exile, and also about Jerusalem. Nehemiah 1:2 (NIV)


It has been said, “out of sight, out of mind.” This is true about our relationships with people and with situations that we were involved with; when we are physically removed from people or situations that we were concerned about. There is a real danger that we could lose that sensitivity and concern that we had for them. This is even more so, in the case of Nehemiah, where the distance occurs because we experienced some form of improvement in our situation.

We have established from the last reflection that even though Nehemiah was in Susa as a foreigner brought there through conquest he had risen through the ranks and occupied the enviable position of cupbearer to the king. His condition, socially, politically, and financially speaking was a safe one compared to other Jews with him in captivity or the remnant left back in Jerusalem.

However, Nehemiah did not lose his affection for the place where God had chosen to place His Name, Jerusalem, or to forget about God’s defeated covenant people, Israel. Nehemiah did not wait to be told about Jerusalem and the remnant, he asked the visiting team from Israel about the situation of those dear people and that sacred place.

We must watch against the danger of forgetting people, God, or God’s Church for any reason, especially for the reason that we got better off financially, politically or socially.


Are there people and situations that you have pushed out of your mind because of physical distance or financial upliftment? Is there a child, a mother or father, or a school teacher that we need to get back to? Are there schoolmates we need to contact for old time’s sake?

What about God and the Church of God? If we feel that God is far away let’s guess who moved and take the steps back to where we were with Him.


Dear God, please forgive me when I have abandoned people I should not. Forgive me still more when my attitude and behaviour show that I have lost my closeness and sensitivity to you. Please give me a heart that feels, feels for, and follows up on godly and God-glorifying relationships. For Christ’s dear Name’s sake, Amen.


SHOWERS! BLESSINGS!! __ DAILY word study: REMNANT The word"remnant" is translated from the Hebrew word"שְׁאֵרִית" (she'erit): This word signifies what remains, a residue, or a survivor. It's often used to describe a surviving group or the leftover portion. In scriptures, the word is often used to refer to:

  • Surviving Few: In the context of the Bible,"she'erit" frequently refers to a small surviving group or remnants of a larger whole, often after a period of judgment or exile (e.g., Isaiah 10:20-22).

  • Divine Preservation: The remnant is sometimes portrayed as a group divinely preserved by God through challenging times. It carries the idea of God's faithfulness to His people. (Micah 7:18)

In Nehemiah 1:1-2, Nehemiah's concern for the Jewish remnant indicates an awareness of the challenges faced by those who returned from exile. This sets the stage for Nehemiah's later involvement in the rebuilding of Jerusalem. The idea of Remnant tells us about:

  1. God's Faithfulness: The existence of a remnant highlights God's faithfulness even in times of judgment or difficulty. It underscores the idea that God preserves a faithful group for His purposes.

  2. Survivor Mentality: Remnants often embody a survivor mentality, having endured trials. This survivor spirit can inspire resilience and a deep sense of purpose.

  3. Community and Identity: The remnant, though small, is a community with a distinct identity. It reflects the idea that God's purposes are often carried out through a committed and faithful community.


How can the concept of the remnant inspire our understanding of God's faithfulness in challenging times, and what role might a survivor mentality play in our spiritual journey?

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