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God Provides for Those in His Service

Rev. Tetteh-Annor Larbi | January 3, 2024 | Nehemiah 11:3-24


For it was the king’s command concerning them that a certain portion should be for the singers, a quota day by day. Nehemiah 11:23



The call for people to voluntarily relocate to the Holy City of Jerusalem (even though determined by lots), draws parallels to the call to serve in the cause of God's kingdom. The sacrifice of relinquishing all prior benefits and entitlements to become inhabitants of Jerusalem wasn't a trivial undertaking. Similarly, answering the call to serve in God's vineyard demands a sacrificial commitment, reflecting the profound dedication seen in those who chose to inhabit Jerusalem.

Many have refused to respond to this call of God due to the hardship they anticipate through the eyes of what society appraises life in ministry to represent. It is believed in some circles, that responding to the call of God to serve in His vineyard is tantamount to swearing an oath of poverty and lack. This has been the prescription of society for so long, that it is creeping into the minds of believers and influencing how they decide to respond to the call to serve.

In chapter 11 of Nehemiah, it appears that God was calling people to come and serve in the church, even though the focus was still on the Holy City of Jerusalem. The people chosen were those who had the skills required to serve in the Temple.

Contrary to the belief of some that serving God means a life of poverty and lack, God made provisions for the daily upkeep of those in his service. Our key verse states that singers were given a command to receive daily portions of their provision, and this command came from the King. This shows that the provision will never cease.

We should not hesitate to answer God's call to serve in his vineyard. As it is said, when God's work is done in his way, it will never lack his supplies.


God's provision for his servants is daily and always reliable. If you prioritize God's work, He will also prioritize yours. If you have been called to serve God in any capacity, do it well, do it faithfully, and do it honestly.


Heavenly Father, help me to be a faithful steward of the graces and gifts you have given me. May I use them for the expansion of your kingdom and for the work of building up my brethren. For your dear name’ sake. Amen.



DAILY word study: CERTAIN PORTION The phrase "certain portion" in Nehemiah 11:23 is translated from the Hebrew words "חֵלֶק מְסֻבָּ֑ל" (cheleq mesubbal). Breaking the phrase down we understand that חֵלֶק (Cheleq) is commonly translated as "portion" or "share." In a literal sense, it refers to a part or piece of something, often used in the context of dividing land, inheritance, or goods among people. While מְסֻבָּל (Mesubbal) is derived from the root סבל (sbl), which means "to bear" or "to endure." The prefix "מְ" (me-) indicates a passive action or something that is being done to the subject. So, "מְסֻבָּל" can be understood as "that which is borne" or "that which is endured." Throughout the Old Testament, "חֵלֶק" is frequently employed in the distribution of land among the tribes of Israel (e.g., Joshua 14:4). "מַסָּר" is used in contexts of measuring out or allocating portions, indicating a deliberate and equitable distribution. In the process of rebuilding Jerusalem, the idea of a "certain portion" becomes a symbol. It speaks not only of the physical allocation of land but also of God's intentional distribution of roles, responsibilities, and blessings within the community. This echoes God's faithfulness in providing for His people in a structured and purposeful manner. Reflections: As we contemplate the idea of a "certain portion," let's consider our own lives. Are we appreciative of the unique portion and role that God has assigned to us within His grand design? How can we, like the inhabitants of Jerusalem, embrace and fulfil our God-appointed portion with gratitude and dedication?

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