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Grace and Truth: The Divine Gift

Tetteh-Annor Larbi | January 27, 2024 | John 1:14-18



For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. John 1:17 (NIV)



In our focal passage for today, we are presented with a deep insight into the nature of Jesus Christ — He embodies grace and truth. The eternal Word, present with God from the beginning, took on human form, ushering in a pivotal moment in history where divinity intersected with humanity, bringing the gifts of grace and truth. This incarnation demonstrates God's boundless love and unwavering righteousness manifested in Jesus' life and teachings.


Grace, exemplified in Jesus, is God's unmerited favour extended to all humanity. It is the divine response to our brokenness and sin, offering forgiveness, redemption, and reconciliation. Through His compassion and sacrificial death, Jesus personifies grace, welcoming sinners and bridging the gap between humanity and God.


Truth, as embodied by Jesus, serves as the unwavering standard of God's righteousness. In a world clouded by deception, Jesus shines as the beacon of truth, exposing darkness and illuminating the path to abundant life. His teachings challenge falsehood, inviting us to align with God's perfect will and experience the freedom that comes from walking in His truth. As believers, we are called to embrace both grace and truth, extending God's grace to others while standing firm in His truth, resisting worldly pressures, and remaining steadfast in our convictions.



Let's embody His grace and truth in our lives daily, reflecting His love to a broken world. Let us extend forgiveness and compassion, and stand firm in His truth, while we point others to the source of all grace and truth — Jesus Christ.


Dear heavenly Father, thank you for the grace and mercy shown to me. Help me to live in that grace and extend same to others while pointing them to Jesus Christ- the source of all grace and truth. Amen. 





DAILY word study: GRACE & TRUTH

 The Greek words used for our word study today are "χάρις" (charis) for "grace" and "The Greek words used are "χάρις" (charis) for "grace" and "ἀλήθεια" (aletheia) for "truth." for "truth." Grace is a central theme in the New Testament, emphasizing God's unearned favour and kindness toward humanity. It is prominently featured in the writings of Paul, where it is often linked to God's mercy, salvation, and the work of Jesus Christ. Truth in the Bible goes beyond factual correctness; it embodies God's faithfulness, reliability, and the ultimate reality found in Him. Jesus identifies Himself as the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6), underlining His essential role in revealing God's ultimate truth. Grace is not merely a theological concept but a transformative force. It's God's favour that brings about salvation and empowers believers to live under His will. In the context of John 1:17, it signifies the outpouring of God's love and favor through Jesus Christ, superseding the limitations of the Law. Truth, in the context of John 1:17, is not just about doctrinal correctness but a personal reality found in Jesus Christ. It implies reliability, sincerity, and a departure from the shadows of the Law to the full revelation of God's purposes in Christ. The conjunction of grace and truth underscores the perfect harmony of God's attributes. God's grace is not contrary to His truth; they are seamlessly integrated into His redemptive plan. The Law given through Moses was a partial revelation; the fullness of grace and truth is revealed in Jesus Christ. Grace is the undeserved gift, and truth is the reliable revelation of God's character and plan.


How does understanding grace as God's unearned favour and truth as the ultimate reality in Jesus Christ shape your perspective on your relationship with God and your daily life?

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