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Jesus, the restorer of justice

Rev Charles Oppong-Poku | APRIL 19, 2023 | Matthew 12:18-21


“……I will put my Spirit on him, and he will proclaim justice to the nations.” Matthew 12:18b


It is painful to have people kick you while you are down. You already feel low, you are already hurting, and your mind is already spinning. You already feel like you can’t get any lower, then someone comes along who you hoped would help you and they only make things worse. Job’s three friends fall into this category. After spending 7 days in silence with him, they opened a barrage of words against Job, pointing out all of his flaws and problems, many of which were not even true. When we are down and hurting, we need someone who can help us, and this is where Jesus comes in as the true helper. We notice that the work of the chosen servant is more clearly expressed in verses 18-21. First, Jesus will proclaim justice to the Gentiles and bring victory for all people. He will right the wrongs committed and be that standard for morality and justice. Jesus shows that there is justice, there will be justice delivered, and He will be the deliverer of that justice to every single person.

In humility (12:19-21), Jesus will heal and restore people and bring hope to the world. The picture in verse 19 is that Jesus was not going to make a commotion. He would not be combative. He would not be a self-proclaimer or self-promoter. He will accomplish the mission by speaking and acting gently, not by asserting himself or fighting with others. We see Jesus’ disciples being taught to do the same thing in Luke 9:51-56 when James and John asked Jesus if they should tell fire to come down from heaven and consume the people of a Samaritan village when they rejected Jesus.

Jesus does not come to us when we are wounded and bruised to finish us off, snapping us in half. Think about the picture of a smoldering wick. The fire is nearly out and all you can see is some smoke. Jesus does not come to put that little fire out, but to reignite the fire. Jesus did not come to break reeds but to heal reeds. Jesus is tender and gentle and comes to heal and restore people. Jesus does not come to you in your weakness with exasperation but with compassion, He brings hope to the whole world.


As citizens of His kingdom, we need to model Jesus in these characteristics. We need to come to people in humility and gentleness. We are not called to break bruised reeds or quench dimly burning wicks. We are not called to be combative or self-proclaimers. We must tell the world that the hope they need for life cannot be found in the world and worldly pursuits. The hope they need for life is only found in Jesus. Healing and restoration are only in Jesus. True help, true joy and satisfaction are only in Jesus.


Dear Lord Jesus thank you for being the restorer of justice, healing, and hope in our lives. We are grateful for the way you have redeemed us and made us whole. We ask that you continue to work in our hearts and our world, bringing justice to the oppressed, healing to the broken, and hope for the hopeless. Help us to be instruments of your peace and love in the world, so that others may experience the restoration that you offer. For your holy name’s sake. Amen!

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