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Listen to the timely words of Christ


Rev. Enoch Thompson| August 2, 2023 | Matthew 23:1-4


Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples:..... Matthew 23:1 (NIV).


There are heightened moments of communication when the best effects could be attained. In traditional Ghanaian culture, a mother who wants to advise her son or daughter will, for the best effect, wake them up at dawn and address the issues. The Lord Jesus Christ had been addressing the testing of the religious leaders in the seeing and hearing of His disciples and the multitudes, and when He had shown the emptiness of those leaders, He knew the stage was set for the addressing of the people on the danger of the hypocrisy.

The little word “then” at the beginning of Matthew 23 connects us to all that had transpired in the preceding chapter. There is a “then,” a time when God wills and does speak certain truths to us. And the Lord expected that the listening crowds will be warned of the misleading false character of their religious leaders. Are there times that we have felt a strong communication of God concerning ways in our lives, especially in the context of the consequences of those behaviours in the lives of people close to us, or far away from us, but brought into our story by media or other technologies?

The experiences of the past are meant to prepare us to better catch the communications from God to us today. Similarly, our present experiences are shaping us for the new experiences God would like for us to have with Him as we journey through this life. That is on the receiving side; what about the giving side?

"Then," and the question is “When?” Certain facts should provoke certain responses and reactions from us and make us communicate our convictions and concerns to those who are in our love and are our responsibility. Parents must share with their children candid views about certain persons, worldviews, and behaviour. Christian brothers and sisters must determine when to communicate some concerns.


Are you able to determine when it is time to offer certain responses to certain misbehaviours in the home, in society or the Church?

The Lord speaks still to those who are willing to listen, and in times and circumstances to make us better people. Are you able to hear when the Lord speaks?

Who are your responsibilities? Do you see any things that you need to caution them about? Are you able to determine when is the right time to address issues with others?


Gracious Master, tender Teacher, thank you that you know best when and how you speak to me. How privileged am I to have you bow to my low position, to speak to me. Please make me have ears that hear, and a heart that is always sensitive to you. Please draw your Church closer to your bosom and help us hear when you speak.

For your dear Name’s sake, Amen.



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