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Walk in the Fear of the Lord - Part 5 (Be a Provider)

Rev. Tetteh Annor-Larbi | November 23, 2023 | Nehemiah 5:14-19


And at my table were one hundred and fifty Jews and rulers, besides those who came to us from nations around. Nehemiah 5:17 (NKJV)

MESSAGE: I have heard it said before that God blesses men through men. And indeed, this statement is very true when we evaluate it throughout the scriptures. Luke 6:38 promises that our generosity will be reciprocated—pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing—through the hands of others. God's abundance often flows to us through the channels of human kindness.

Nehemiah wasn't just a leader; he was the answered prayer for many Jews, not just spiritually but also in putting food on their tables. Leading by example, he not only guided the people in God's work but also ensured their daily sustenance. His care extended beyond their spiritual needs to their physical well-being. As blessings flowed through Nehemiah, prayers undoubtedly echoed for God to grant him enduring health and long life.

Instead of indulging in the luxury of a governor's lifestyle, Nehemiah chose a different path. He could have "chopped his post" (as is said in the local parlance) and lived comfortably, leaving the people hungry. Yet, his vision prioritized completing the work, recognizing that a well-fed workforce is a motivated and productive one.

A leader with a vision recognizes that meeting the needs of individuals and their families fosters motivation and strength to attain shared objectives. True leadership extends beyond issuing directives; it involves ensuring the welfare of those under your guidance.

FEET AND HANDS OF THE MESSAGE: Make provision for the needs of those who work for you. Treat them with kindness. You are the answer to someone’s prayer for divine provision, let God use you to provide for someone today. When God blesses you, remember the less privileged. You may be the provider they have been praying for.

PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father, help me to be sensitive to the promptings of your Holy Spirit. To partner with Him in providing the needs of those you have appointed that I provide for. May I be a channel through which you bless a family this festive season. For your dear name’s sake. Amen.



DAILY word study: AT MY TABLE Nehemiah 5:17 introduces the concept of being "at my table," a phrase laden with symbolic and practical implications in the biblical context.

"At My Table" - בְּשׁוּלְחָנִי (beshulḥānī): The Hebrew term "shulḥan" denotes a table, often signifying a place of fellowship, provision, and shared abundance. When used metaphorically, being "at the table" implies a position of favour, trust, and intimacy.

Throughout the Bible, the imagery of a table holds diverse meanings. In Psalms, the table is associated with God's provision; in Proverbs, it symbolizes wisdom's feast. In the New Testament, the Last Supper becomes a profound symbol of communion and sacrifice, revealing a deeper spiritual reality.

In Nehemiah 5:17, Nehemiah's invitation to be "at his table" extends beyond physical sustenance. It implies inclusion, trust, and shared purpose. Those invited are not merely beneficiaries of his material provision; they partake in his vision, leadership, and the responsibilities of governance. This phrase speaks to a fellowship that transcends the act of dining.

Reflections: How do we interpret being "at the table" in our relationships and communities? Does it signify not just receiving, but actively participating in a shared vision, responsibility, and fellowship?

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