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With Jesus in the temple, healing and restoration are assured.

Rev. Charles Oppong-Poku | July 13, 2023 | Matthew 21:14


"The blind and the lame came to him at the temple and he healed them." Mat. 21:14 (NIV)


After driving away the exploitative money changers and the temple merchants from His Father’s House, Jesus performed public miracles of healing on the temple grounds. Some who are blind, and lame approached Jesus while He was in the outer area of the temple, known as the Court of the Gentiles. We know this because those who were disabled in this way were not allowed in the inner courts or the sanctuary (Leviticus 21:18). The fact that Jesus healed them in the temple implies two things. First, since they were no longer blind or lame, these people could now enter the inner courts. Instead of preventing them, Jesus made a way for them to participate by removing the obstacle that stood between them and the worship of God. He will soon do the same for those separated from God by their sin, all of us, by paying the price for that sin with His own life, making forgiveness and redemption possible (Hebrews 10:19–23). Second, these acts of healing demonstrated that Jesus had authority over the temple. He had the authority to drive out the money changers and to make worshipers acceptable to God by healing them instead of merely barring them from the entrance, as the Jewish religious leaders did.

In the bustling atmosphere of the temple, where people gathered for worship and religious activities, Jesus' presence brought a transformative touch. The blind and the lame, who were often marginalized and excluded, found their way to Jesus, and He responded with love and compassion by healing them. The healing touch of Jesus in Matthew 21:14 reminds us that He is the ultimate source of healing and restoration. Physical ailments, emotional wounds, and spiritual brokenness are all within His realm of power. Just as the blind and lame sought Jesus for healing, we too can approach Him with our needs and trust in His ability to bring healing to every aspect of our lives. The fact that the blind and lame sought Jesus in the temple indicates their hope and belief in His ability to bring healing. Jesus’ response reveals His deep compassion for the marginalized and overlooked members of society. The temple, traditionally a house of worship and religious rituals, became a place of healing in the presence of Jesus. It is good and profitable to enter the temple where Christ is present – lovingly and humbly approaching Him.


Our places of worship, whether physical or virtual, should be spaces where healing, restoration, and spiritual growth can occur. Let us seek to create environments where people can encounter the healing touch of Jesus, both individually and as a community. Just as the blind and lame found healing in His presence, we too can bring our brokenness to Him, confident that He can heal and make us whole.


Dear Lord Jesus, thank You that You are the source of healing and still meeting people at the point of their needs. Please touch me and minister to my emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Lord, make me whole that I may be a vessel through which your healing power flows, bringing hope and restoration to a broken world. For your dear name’s sake. Amen.



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