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Diamond in the Dirt - The Evangelist in Suppression

Rev. Tetteh-Annor Larbi | March 10, 2024 | John 4:27-30



Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah? John 4:29 (NIV)



Having encountered Jesus at the well, the Samaritan woman left her water jar behind and rushed back to her town to share her experience with the Messiah. Despite her societal status and personal history, she becomes an unexpected evangelist, proclaiming the good news to her community. This woman, often marginalized and despised, becomes a shining example of God's transformative power, a diamond in the dirt, radiant with the light of Christ even in the midst of her brokenness.


God often chooses the most unlikely vessels to carry out His purposes. The Samaritan woman, who had come to the well in the heat of the day, possibly to avoid the judgmental gazes of others, encounters Jesus and experiences a profound transformation. Her encounter with the living water not only satisfies her deepest thirst but also ignites a fire within her to share the life-changing message with others. Despite her past and the societal constraints placed upon her, she boldly proclaims Jesus as the Messiah, compelling others to come and see for themselves.


Similarly, in our own lives, God can use even the most broken and seemingly insignificant circumstances to bring about His redemptive work. We may feel like diamonds in the dirt, tarnished by our mistakes and failures, yet God sees our true worth and potential. He can take our brokenness and transform it into something beautiful, using us as vessels to carry His message of love and redemption to a world in need. Let us not allow our past or present circumstances to hinder us from sharing the life-giving message of Jesus Christ with others.



Let us be bold and courageous in sharing our faith. Let us embrace our identity as diamonds in the dirt, radiant with the light of Christ, and let us be willing vessels for God's transformative work in the world. Let us eagerly proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to those around us. Let us invite them to come and experience the living water that satisfies the deepest longings of the soul.


Lord Jesus, let your light shine on me. To reveal the best that is hidden in me for the work of the Kingdom. Help me to live up to your expectations for your dear name’s sake. Amen.





In the Greek text of John 4:29, the term translated as "everything" is "πάντα" (panta). This Greek word signifies "all" or "everything" and is used here to convey the Samaritan woman's astonishment at Jesus' knowledge of her life. It emphasizes the completeness and thoroughness of Jesus' revelation about her past.

The use of "πάντα" highlights the comprehensive nature of Jesus' knowledge. It suggests that Jesus didn't just know some details about the Samaritan woman but had insight into every aspect of her life, including her past actions and experiences.

In the context of Jesus' interaction with the Samaritan woman, "πάντα" underscores His divine insight and omniscience. It portrays Jesus as possessing a deep understanding of individuals' hearts and lives, which transcends human perception and understanding.

The revelation of "πάντα" serves to authenticate Jesus' identity and mission to the Samaritan woman. It prompts her recognition of Jesus as a prophet and leads to her contemplation of whether He could be the Messiah.


How does recognizing Jesus' comprehensive knowledge challenge our understanding of His divine nature and deepen our appreciation for His ability to intimately know and engage with each individual?



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