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Jesus Knows Who You Really Are

Rev. Charles Oppong-Poku | February 11, 2024 | John 2:23-25



24 But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all people. 25 He did not need any testimony about mankind, for he knew what was in each person.  John 2:24-25(NIV)



Welcome to today's devotional reflection centred on John 2:23-25, where we encounter a deep truth about Jesus' understanding of human nature. In these verses, we gain insight into Jesus' omniscience and His deep understanding of the human heart. Despite the outward appearances and titles, Jesus saw beyond the surface level the true nature of individuals. He foresaw that those who would later acclaim Him as their king with cries of "Praise God!" would soon turn to demand His crucifixion.


Jesus' knowledge of human nature goes beyond mere observation. He intimately understands the depths of the human heart, including its struggles, desires, and vulnerabilities. There is no need for external validation or testimony, for Jesus sees and knows each person completely. Jesus' awareness of who people truly are underscores the authenticity of His relationships. He does not interact with us based on our outward false appearance or accomplishments but seeks a genuine connection with our innermost selves. Jesus' knowledge of who we really are serves as an invitation to genuineness and transparency. We are called to approach him with honesty, knowing that He already sees and understands us completely. There is no need to hide or pretend in His presence.



As we reflect on Jesus' knowledge of human nature, may we be encouraged to approach Him with honesty and transparency. Let us find solace in that we are fully known and deeply loved by our Saviour. May this awareness deepen our relationship with Him and inspire us to live faithfully before God and others.



Gracious Lord, thank you for your intimate knowledge of who I truly am. Help me to embrace authenticity in my relationship with you, knowing that you see and understand me completely. May I find comfort and assurance in your unwavering love and acceptance. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.





DAILY word study: KNOW ALL

The phrase "know all" in the Greek text is translated from "ἐγίνωσκεν πάντας" (eginōsken pantas). "Ἐγίνωσκεν" (eginōsken) is the verb "γινώσκω" (ginōskō), which means to know, understand, or perceive.

Jesus' knowledge of all people as stated in John 2:24-25 signifies His omniscience or His all-knowing nature as the Son of God. Despite performing signs and wonders, Jesus did not place his trust in people because He understood their hearts and knew their motives. This passage underscores Jesus' divine insight into the innermost thoughts and intentions of humanity.

Jesus' omniscience highlights His deity and divine nature. As the Son of God, He possesses knowledge beyond human comprehension. This passage emphasizes the importance of sincerity and authenticity in our relationship with Jesus. He knows our hearts completely, and we cannot hide anything from Him.


Reflect on the significance of Jesus' omniscience in your life. How does the knowledge that Jesus knows you completely impact your thoughts, actions, and relationship with Him?

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